Wisconsin Based Commercial Ingersoll & Co. now offers Full Service, Turn-key Energy Savings Solutions for Businesses.

May 7, 2014 — Ingersoll & Co is now a Tower Energy Ally. This alliance enables Ingersoll & Co. to serve its customers to provide full service, turn-key energy saving solutions that address all of a company’s energy consumption systems:

  • Advanced VFD control systems
  • Process Heat and Energy Recovery
  • Compressed Air Efficiency
  • Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration
  • HVAC and HVACR Advanced Controls
  • Industrial Water Management

In addition to providing some of the highest quality commercial lighting in the industry, Ingersoll & Co. can now offer:

  • More comprehensive energy audits and recommendations
  • Assistance in securing grant incentives across a broader category range
  • Project finance sourcing with payback schedule tied to the projected energy savings
  • Complete retrofit/Installation service performed by our alliance team of licensed professional installers

This type of resource will save businesses considerable time and money on the front end, while reducing overhead costs, and in the long run continue to provide a return on investment by virtue of lower energy bills, less maintenance, and improved productivity.

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