Ingersoll & Co. has been supplying clients with expert services for irrigation sprinklers and landscape lighting for over 16 years. Our experienced employees make us the most dedicated team of irrigation professionals in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Ingersoll & Co. is first and foremost a service company that must meet every customer requirement with expert and efficient response at competitive prices. To satisfy the needs of our customers we have expanded our staff, services and equipment, while maintaining “personalized service” of the highest quality.

VALUE: The Bottom Line

Each step in the growth and expansion of Ingersoll & Co. has been engineered by employees to both protect and improve the value of work to our customers. While consistently improving the value we offer, Ingersoll & Co. has firmly established itself as the dynamic leader in the irrigation and landscape lighting industry.

Though often associated with installation and maintenance of large projects, every customer, large or small is ensured the same attention and value. We sincerely appreciate your business.


Today Ingersoll & Co. has a staff of Customer Care Representatives, Estimators, installation foremen, full-time technicians,  and numerous service personnel to make the work speed along. Our office and customer contact systems are kept up to date and accurate by dedicated certified accounting staff.

Specialized departments assure rapid customer service and satisfaction

The size and diversity of Ingersoll & Co. staff, combined with ongoing training programs, allows us to tailor our offerings to our client’s needs.

We maintain a warehouse and shop containing thousands of fittings, sprays, rotors, controllers, valves and landscape lighting products to efficiently supply you with immediate service and parts capability. Our “Compliance Department” is computerized to maintain accurate records on irrigation and lighting systems and sensitive backflow testing.